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"Style is not according to what's "In" but what's INside. "©  Reflecting your beauty from within, is the heart of Rebecca Raleigh.  Rebecca's signature is creating a dynamic personal style for her clients -- a way of dressing that is comfortable, chic, and communicative.  A lover of the language of clothes, Rebecca can translate from the rack to your body making sure your style says exactly what you want it to.  

from Rebecca:

"Working in entertainment has taught me, the best way to maintain success is to be true to who you really are at the core.  And at my core, I am family oriented, silly, pensive, and a serious sale shopper, Bec (the name of my maternal grandmother).

Whether you are living a drama, comedy, or dra-medy, we all have a story.  And we are living a page from that script right now!  You are among friends here -- co-stars -- of all races, beliefs, and cultures. 

This site is the place for style inspiration and empowering tips to embrace who you are and who you are becoming.

Think of me as your Fashion Producer on your journey out of the old style valley and into a new you. 

It's time to shine like the star you are today. 

This is life, starring you."